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hi all!!!!

Can you please help me in getting the feature of preview posting which shows the accounts to be hit after posting the purchase invoice in NAV 13 which is available in NAV 16.

Suggestions are more than welcome. 

  • Hi Yuneek,
    The posting routine has been altered and new C/AL features created to support this. So I don't think you can create something exactly as the preview in NAV 2016 (NAV version 9. NAV 10 = NAV 2017. NAV 2013 = vers. no. 7).
    The closest you get is the old "Test Posting" report.
    But why not upgrade to NAV 2016, that may almost be cheaper? Wink
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    Thank you so much erik for the quick response, upgrading to Nav 16 won't be suggestive for my company as we are on an initial growing stage of the computerization, NAV 16 is a next 3 year plan.

    But can you please help me more about test reporting.
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    In NAV 2013 there is Test Report available on every voucher screen .You can check the same
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    this only shows me the amount but i want to see the financial accounts being hit.
  • //Start For Preview Posting
    IF CONFIRM ('Do you want to post the transaction?') = FALSE THEN
    ERROR('Posting aborted');
    // --- end for Preview Posting

    {You Need To write above code In Code Unit 80 Before below code
    singlecu- COdeunit 423
    CallGLPage - is function In codeUnit 423
    CallGLPage Code:-


    ---------Before below code--------
    IF NOT InvtPickPutaway THEN
    IF Invoice AND ("Bill-to IC Partner Code" <> '') THEN
    IF "Document Type" IN ["Document Type"::Order,"Document Type"::Invoice] THEN
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    thankyou so much for the help kalyantupe.

    but what record set would be "singlecu.CallGLPage;"??

    Thanks in advance.
  • In reply to Yuneek Singh:

    Singlecu - record-423 CodeUnit
  • In reply to kalyantupe45:

    Sorry its
    Singlecu - CodeUnit - ChangeLog Managenment(423)