How important is C# for CAL developer.

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I am Nav Technical consultant but i dont have knowledge of C#, I wanted to know how important is c# for cal developers.

May be in future MSDN will completely turn into C# may be . So i want to know which online source is best for learn C#.

Is it must to learn C# or not? Please Suggest.


  • NAV is moving away from C/AL to AL code which has no support for custom .Net components.
    I can recommend to read this blog post:
  • Hi its not a must. it will help you if you are trying to integration two systems together. but if you are working only in Navision it will be more learn only C/AL Code
  • Hi Shyam,
    No is the clear answer. Personally I did learn C#, but that was more than 10 years ago, and never really got to use. Except to write a custom .NET component or two. And now with AL instead of C/AL we cannot even use it for .NET anymore, as Arend-Jan points out.

    So you shouldn't learn C#, but get started with AL and Visual Studio code as soon as possible. It's going to ship in not that many month's and you want to be ready for that. Smile
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  • As other have stated C# is not so important as it used to be, but I think it is still a valid tools because, a part of the new NAV "TENERIFE" will be based on you can call Azure functions, and Azure functions can you write in ex: C#, F#, Node.js, Java, Python, or PHP. But as a consultant I do not think you will be needing it right away.