I want to open Navision in browser

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I want to Open my navision application in browser..how to fix and how to open in browser

please write the steps



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  • Install Web Client from Setup
  • Hi DJ
    You can install add Web Server component from the Navision setup .
    - Don't uninstall your existing setup.
    - You can click on setup.exe and click on add or remove component.
    - From the list you can select Web server Components and install into system.
    - Then you can search web client in your system then your Navision automatically run on browser .
    it 's simple things.
  • In reply to Akkrahul:

    Adding to this, once web client is installed, publish the page you want and also verify whether OData and SOAP webservice is enabled in NAV administration tool, before opening the browser.
  • In reply to Harikiran BM:

    Why do you need to enable OData and SOAP? NAV Web Client does not use those services. It uses the same client services as the RTC.
  • In reply to babrown:

    URL expects either a port id of OData or Soap web service depending on which web service you would like to open. I have faced a situation where in, if SOAP or ODATA web service port id is not mentioned in URL then web browser won't open.
    So, if you're mentioning port id of SOAP or ODATA then obviously their services also should be enabled.

    Correct me if i'm wrong.