Posting Purchase Order in Nav 2017.



I am trying to Posting Purchase order (Open Status) and Select Invoice in popup. However I get "There is nothing to Post" Error.

I have Set  posting date and Working date as Current Date. I also checked Quantity to Invoice and Quantity to Receive is not empty and Select Item in Purchase Order Line Type. Status of Purchase order is also Open....


What else i forgot to do or Can you Please let me know how i proceed further to overcome this issue?

Thanks in Advanced.

  • Zoom on the line and check if the Qty. (base), qty. to invoice (base), outstanding qty. (base) are filled out, if not fill these and it should then post.
  • In reply to sbhatbng:

    Most probably, this would be the issue.
  • @aditya I have run the same scenario and got the same error then I select the option "receive and invoice" and my purchase order is successfully posted. In some cases we need to create receipts before invoicing. Check it !!
  • Hi,
    'Invoice' which appears in the popup basically Invoices items after then have been received. So either you have to first select 'Receive'. Once your items have been received you can now select Invoice from the popup. Or you can directly select the last option i.e. 'receive and invoice' by which items are received and invoiced at the same time.