Scan barcode from Nav universal apps

Hi all,

can anyone share how to call scanner apps from nav universal apps?

currently i tested using camera. it is succesfull

how to open barcode / qr scanner and then populate to for example whatever textbox we have provided for it


  • These days you can purchase hand held scanners that can directly scan and write it to NAV or you can buy a barcode scanner software from vendors and it comes with a executable that can be installed and on the property of the page or report you can use the barcode font and it will capture the barcode.
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    you mean handheld scanner, and then install nav apps. and can use immediately without customization?
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    Yes, that is correct, what you can do is create a table in NAV and you can program the hand held scanner directly scan it to this new field and then you can use this field value to your processing needs.