Visibility Layout

Hello all,

In have 3 tabels in my reports and I want to decide from Request Page which tabel be visibel.

Has anyone an idea?

  • Hi,
    please elaborate your question, create 3 Boolean type variable for particular table on request page then set the visibility hidden property for each table using Boolean type variable on layout. i think it's help to you.

  • Take boolean variables and based on set table property on RDLC
    Suppose You have 3 tables
    Value entry

    take 3 Boolean for above 3 table on request page and set true according to your condition.
    As i understood if you have 3 tables then you will create 3 tables on rdlc right?

    So just set table visibility based on Boolean value
    e.g. if item will be required on report then iif itemboolean="True",False,True .

    you can use boolean values as per condition too.

    While asking any query please give the detailed knowledge and what issue you are facing .
  • In reply to shyam pandey:

    Thank you for the syntax,actually this was the question and sorry for my vague question!
  • In reply to IuliaCIC:

    its ok, happy to help ;) . Mark your question as a resolved one