Print options like print to PDF from RequestPage do nothing

Hey all, 

I've got a custom report when the request page pops up I click Print nothing happens. no print box dialog no preview. The request page closes. 

I'm also unable to print to PDF or Print to Word on the same request page. 

I click PDF and my PDF reader never opens. I click Print to word and I do not get any prompts about opening a word doc. 

Nothing happens.

Other areas of the application do allow me to print to word, print and print to PDF so I think it's related to this specific requestPage.

How does one troubleshoot the print button on a request page? 

I don't see if listed under page actions or on the report request page itself or the report c\al.

In a nutshell: the circled buttons below on the screenshot do nothing. they close the request page but generate no report. 

Thanks for any insight.