Workflow ?

Hello DUG experts..

Here i want to ask you something about workflow..Actually Nav2106 have already most useful workflow templates to fulfill Business requirement.."General Journal Line Approval Workflow" is one of them..So question is,that in PI/PO approval,there is a field in Purchase Header name STATUS changed OPEN to Pending Approval..But there is no STATUS field in General Journal Line and i want same functionality on GJL when an approval request is made by user.

I added a field name STATUS of option type..But i didnt find that how workflow management processing is done,i tried it to understand with debugger,also but it difficult to understand..Can any one help me out,how can i do this?

I want to do it as standard functionality.

Kind regards ..

  • Hi Sudarshan,

    The Only Diffrence b/w General Journal Approval and Document (purchase/Sales) approval is table does not have that field as you said.
    Now to do it there are some other thing that need to done (other than adding field) -

    1. Check the response for the first Workflow steps.
    ** In Document approval there is a response to "Set document status to Pending Approval.".

    2. The Table Gen. Journal line / Gen. Journal batch table is not supported by that response.
    ** Codeunit 1535 - SetStatusToPendingApproval

    So you have to add that type of repsonse in the General approval response option in Workflow Event/response Combination.
    Then Customize the Codeunit 1535 to update the status.

    Remember you also have to add a procedure to change status to approved once the document is approved.
  • In reply to Saurav Dhyani:

    Thank u Sir.

    I got a lot of help.Have done some parts of this requirment..Now trying to set status for remaining conditions(Canceled,Open,Approve)..
  • In reply to Saurav Dhyani:

    Hello Saurav Sir.
    All ok..But there is a problem..I cant diffrentiate BATCH lines on STATUS field..
    Mean APPROVER can see all lines,there is no matter if line having OPEn status or else..
    And if i add a new line to batch,and send it for approval then all previous lines,having released status also becomes Pending Approval status.
    Means workflow works for whole batch not a single line..

    Kind regards
  • Updated Object For Approved Status on Gen Jnl Line.fob

    Hello Sudarsan_Nav,

    I had done the similar functionality addition on Journals Line.

    For this you need an option field to be added on 81 Table Genral Journal Line.

    Then this field needs to be added on all pages where you need this approval process.

    There is table 454 approval entry where status gets changed when you Send for approval from Journal.

    Write the code on Validate trigger of Status field in approval  entry table 454.

    I hope I had helped you in this scenario.

    I had provided you the object import it in demo database it will change table 454 and 81 table.

    For any help reply.