How to improve RDLC Report performanace.

Hii all,

       i have develop a RDLC report  , when i run the report its run very slowly , how to improve speed of Report performance, even  i already optimize the code ,it shows this type message.

            Kindly give the some suggestion  for this...

Thank You

  • Hey Akkrahul,

    There's no sort of magical trick which can be Implemented in RDLC reports to enhance it's performance. Some thing you can consider is

    1. A very well maintained Optimised code.
    2. Not a very complicated, Indented Datasets.
    3. Not a very critical design with way more logic's written over there.(RDLC Part)
    4. Use Row Visibility.
    5.Always check About this Page of the Report and make sure its not heavily loaded and try to remove unnecessary excution if you find any.
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