Word report layouts with conditional content?

Although I find that creating/editing document report layouts with Microsoft Word is a huge "improvement" to creating/editing layouts with RDLC/Visual Studio. But comes with a cost, as I see it. 

It is not possible to have loops-in-loops, like we are used to with NAV reports. Example our standard invoice 206. Here we have lots of loops in loops, such as Invoice Header - Invoice Lines - Shipment Buffer. Here we really need to rethink, the way we do things. How did you solve this in Word?

I have also not found a way to have layouts with even simple conditional formatting. The NAV Word report interface uses the XML Mapping features, and unlike if using the Mail Merge features to create documents, then the content controls are not usable with the conditional features. At least none that I'm familiar with.

What I would love to be able to do is primary simple formatting, like using "ShowShippingAddress" to show/hide fields. Or maybe (if it was possible) to hide the label, if the field is empty.

Have you found a way to do any conditional formatting using NAV word report layouts?

The only way I found to "simulate" conditional formatting, is not to send content in the fields, incl. the label. But would be nice, if you, like when using mail merge, could compress empty space to. Right now it still reserves the space in the report.