Printing Blank Lines


Though I have seen this topic no of times but could not get clear...

Can anybody mention the steps to print blank lines in the body of NAV 2013 R2 reports? Any link also will be helpful...

Sorry for asking repeated question.

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  • Hey Anirbance,

    If you will ask my experience then it's like I dint find any permanent solution for this on RDLC Reports which works fine for each and every cases. I too faced this scenario around 2 years before for one my client and I did and applied many permutations and combinations to achieve this , Integer logics, Writing codes on RDLC Report Properties code section but eventually there always a scenario comes which fails it.

    At last what I did and which works like a charm was I applied a background Image on the body which was having 4, 5 separates lines and it executes well for all scenarios.

    Though it works but it increases the size of the report which was the drawback of this.