"Adjust Cost - Item Entries" not ran for 3 Years

Hello All ;

I've recently been recruited in a Company working with Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 R2 (Classic only, no RTC) and i found thant "Adjust Cost - Item Entries" hasn't been ran for almost 3 Years.

It's been about 2 Mounths thant I'm running the Batch Every Night & Week-end but it seems to be Endless because of the big number of Items and the huge amount of Item Transactions that the Company makes (Productions, Cosumptions, Transfers, etc.).

I've tried to Ignore the Entries Prior To 01/01/2015 by Setting "Applied Entry to Adjust" to FALSE in T32 and "Cost Is Adjusted" to TRUE in T5804 but still the same.

Because of that, I had to use COMMIT to make sure not to Re-adjust a Items or Entries already Adjusted.

What i want is to End this "Adjust Cost" to be able to make Revaluations for the Items to start with new Costs.

Thanks in advance.

Best Regards.