Design Pattern -Posting Permission group

Good Morning ,  I need to implement  a strategy NAV 2016   to enable the posting functionnality  only after validating if the user belong to a specific group of permission

Event the user click on  button post

Then   program  validate if the user belong to one group

if that the case  go to proper table and enable the posting variable  and excute the posting action .

My question should use a design pattern  such observer to make sure is there interaction between the gui(  post button click) or the  and the validate function and the table or use a different design pattern ?

Or is there another way to allow only member of specific group to post ?

if you have any suggestion for the design pattern and how to implement it let me know .

Regard Rodd!

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  • Is there another design pattern or the osberver pattern ?
    I believe we have to implement the design pattern is 1535 codeunit .

    But I m not sure where I have to implement the method to verify is the user is belong to specifc group .
    Then launch to event .
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