Show and hide fields on a list page (On After get current Rec)?!!!


I want to hide a field (In a list page) after I get the current Rec.

I did the following:

1.Define a globe variable "IsVisible" and set its "IncludeInDataSet" property be "yes".

2. Set the property visible of the control in the page be "IsVisible"

3. create a function SetVisible (var visible : Boolean) to set the value of the variable "IsVisible"

etc, etc,..


My only problem is that this hide function works only (On open page & Init)!! But if you try to use it on other placsses like (On after get rec) IT WONOT WORK :(


Any Idea???

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  • Ps: When I say hide a field I mean a text field not a column from the list page. 


    I took a look at Microsoft support pages and I found this:


    This means there is no other way to control the visibility for each record after we retrieve it :( ?