EDI without Add on

please suggest me how to integrated EDI with NAV with out using any add ons like lanham. anyone done this before?

  • Completely Agree what Eric said, Integrating with EDI always ends up with a challenge. EDI too has many types like EDI 214, EDI 210 etc. I too did a Project couple of months before on this where Client was sending EDI file for ASN Integrations, I asked my Web Developer to handle it in from .NET as it was comparatively easier then NAV but was really challenging. He too used some XSLT too handle this. He just use to convert it in XMl and send back to me for NAV even applying single validation becomes a nightmare to him.

    @Eric - You did worked on this in 1991, am still in a shock mode - was born in this year. :) :)

  • Yes I've done this a few years now, started with NAV before it was NAV, before Navision, with PC Plus when I was in college in 1988 and fell in love right a way.
    I'm not really that experienced when it comes to hardcore EDI implementations, with all the true edi-standards. I've not done any hands-on since 1995. Prefer to leave that to the "experts", as this really requires it, in my opinion.

    I would say ANY TIME there's one of these EDI x standards involved, then it becomes much more complex than it should.

    Today I mostly recommends my customers to look at some PDF conversion solution, before EDI, unless that's really their requirement.
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