How to learn Navision Development?

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I am learning to develop tables,forms,reports,etc for Navision 2.01 through the "Bash your head on the keyboard" method [;)], which is ok for me since I am self taught in C/++, Java, PHP and many other languages... and I am slowly getting somewhere, esp. with the help of this forum.

However, C/Side as you know has really (shockingly) poor manuals and I'm relying heavily on trial and error methods and resorting to this forum when all else fails.

I was wondering what courses are available in Navision Development and what people recomend??... also am I better to wait half a year or so until Microsoft has had a chance to "have it's way" with Navision before investing in Navision education?

Licencing is also an issue, as I can't even write my own codeunits due to lack of an apropreate Licence file... I have heard that "developer licence files" exist, how do you get one of these?