Unable to insert records in a subpage

Hi everyone,

I created two custom tables: Table 1 with key : field1 integer
Table 2 with key : field1,field2 where field2 is also integer 
and two pages:
Page1 is based on Table 1, Page2(subpage of type ListPart) is based on table2 with the following properties:
MultipleNewLines = Yes, AutoSplitKey=yes, DelayedInsert=No
The problem is that I can't insert records from the subpage.

What shall I change to make it possible?

Thanks in advance :mrgreen:
  • What do you mean "Cant insert records"

    are you getting any error?

    Please check standard Sales Order page for reference


  • In reply to Mohana:

    Hi Poppins,

    Did this suggestion help you? If yes please verify, if not, please elaborate with a few more details. Smile

    If nothing else, it's polite to come back and reply, when our members give you suggestions to your questions. And there's a nice function on the frontpage called My Forum Posts, where you can see all the questions you have been asking. If the status is not marked as solved, then please follow up, or let us know how you have solved the question. Just so that we can help the next user with the same question. Thank you in advance for your help.

  • just in case anyone else is having this issue, it can be because the subpage page type is "List" rather then "ListPart"

    If you insert a record, everything looks fine and dandy then you refresh the page and the record you've just inserted disappears. I can't imagine this is intended behaviour on MS's part? but alas it's how it is...