Using GET with RecordRef


I'm new to this RecordRef, FieldRef, RecordID functionality in Navision 3.60 so perhaps this is trivial questions, but here goes anyway... [:)]

My goal is to get one record from a table and be able to access the fields as an array.

Here's my code so far:; // Item Table
// Get one specific item
RecordRef.GET('1000'); // error - expects a recordID

// 'for'-loop though the fields using
// the RecordRef.FIELDINDEX function for this job
// possible change of some fields.

RecordRef.MODIFY; // save changes to record

So i guess my real question is how to use the recordID together with recordRef [?]

Any links to information about RecordRef, FieldRef, RecordID would also be nice... [:)]

Thanks in advance,

Rasmus Torpe
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  • Trust me, don't put to much time into this right now. Just wait for some new releases. There are some strange and really weird bugs in this functionality at this moment. And don't even try to open a recref in the onpredataitem and use it in the onaftergetrecord of a report.
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