Using GET with RecordRef


I'm new to this RecordRef, FieldRef, RecordID functionality in Navision 3.60 so perhaps this is trivial questions, but here goes anyway... [:)]

My goal is to get one record from a table and be able to access the fields as an array.

Here's my code so far:; // Item Table
// Get one specific item
RecordRef.GET('1000'); // error - expects a recordID

// 'for'-loop though the fields using
// the RecordRef.FIELDINDEX function for this job
// possible change of some fields.

RecordRef.MODIFY; // save changes to record

So i guess my real question is how to use the recordID together with recordRef [?]

Any links to information about RecordRef, FieldRef, RecordID would also be nice... [:)]

Thanks in advance,

Rasmus Torpe
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