RequestForm Size

Is it possible to change the RequestFormsize (depending e.g. on a boolean field) in a way that there are fields shown in the bigger size which are hidden in the "normal" Requestform size?

Thanks for reply.

  • Try this on OpenForm() of your RequestForm

    IF ResizeForm THEN BEGIN

    Personally I never use this method for RequestForm, I always set the size of my RequestForm at Design time an leave it like that ...
  • Hi Rogner,

    Are you talking about requestOptions Form in a Report?
    Secondly you are saying that you want to maximize a form in order to display hidden fields.
    If i'm correct, you are able to see more buttons/options in particular form when its maximized and not in the smaller size. Is it so? Is this form a customized(>50000) range form or what. Did u check your options/buttons properties for alignment?