How to "crack" my Navision database? I forgot my password!

Please help!

I ve forgot my password. Anybody knows the way to 'crack' navision database. I know about ????????, but cost of this ~200 USD. 200 USD from my salary. And more important - blowup from chief. I have got *.fdb file. User name also known. Havn't *.fbk :-(

  • Hi Alexander!

    Isn't there anybody else who has access to the DB to edit your password?

    Bad Luck! As far as I know, there is no chance to get access to the database without 10? or *.FBK ...

    One last(?) very very small chance:

    1. You need a Program like TrueScript (script-controlled programm that scans the screen for events and reacts in specified way, e.g. simulates a click or keyboard-entry)
    2. You need a Password-Generator (BruteForce) that generates passwords
    3. Combine these Programs:
    - BruteForce creates passwords, writes it to file
    - TrueScript reads that file, tries to log on to Navision (F12, Input UserID, Input Password, OK)

    Because there's no limitation in "Input-Tries" this procedure could be done for hours, days, months, years, decades, ...
    untill you get access ... or not.

    Well, doing this needs some "Know How", especially in programming the necessary script (it's not so easy!).

    If you need to buy the required programms first, it would be cheaper to pay for the 10?-Code!

    P.S.: I don't know, if that's a legal way to "crack" a database (I think that depends on who's the owner of the DB and if he wants his DB to be cracked!), I have never tried it myself, it's just a "hypothetical possibility" ...



    Joerg A. Stryk
    Apollo-Optik, IT/ERP

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  • I m the owner of this fu**ed database.

    Some years ago i ve cracked MS access database. In mdb file pasword strores in 4 bytes. First byte is flag 'is the password present'
    But about navision..
    I ve tried to compare 2 same FDBs. With password and without, with password 111 and password 222.
    I didn't find the system!

    To 'crack' fdb i need knowlege about its structure.
    But this information- great secret of NAVISION A/S.

  • I believe your NTR or a/s can "crack" your database. If my memory serves me correctly, I believe they charge for this service (I think that is to discourage it's casual use). Check with your NTR and good luck !!

    Dave Studebaker
    Liberty Grove Software
    A Navision Services Partner
  • Victory!
    After long negotiations,
    for me this service is free.
    Only first time.

    But try anybody to analyze the *.fdb structure? It may be useful for understanding of actual state of affairs with file protection.

  • Hi,
    well, I have had a similiar problenm some time back & there is a way other than Cracking & Stuff, its a pretty simple way, im not sure which LIc file but u need a particular type of LIC file.
    On the login User Id screen of the password forgotten Database when u enter ??????????? u get a particular code, dont close the window, u need to have tha LIC file i mentioned earlier, open another navision client using that LIC file and enter ????????? again, in the 2nd client, it will prompt for the CODE which u had obtained earlier and give you another set of characters or CODE which can be used to unlock the database of which u have forgotten the password.

    Simple haan, well im not sure if the steps that i have mentioned are similiar but i know that it is possible.


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  • ? Vishal R
    what is LIC file? license file?
    i have license file with solution developer.
    is it help to me?

  • The list would be too long to write here so I won't. Cracking the database is a bad idea in the extream.

    Bill Benefiel
    Manager of Information Systems
    Overhead Door Company
    (317) 842-7444 ext 117
  • All of us know that crack is bad idea :-)
    After all, i ve received magic password from A/S. Type it. No effect!

    user or password invalid
    appears again.

    But when i reopen database and type my name without password....
    It works! Thanks to gods.

    all happens under navision finansials 2.50RU

  • actully, it's same happen to me last time. I forget my password. after that, I wrote a program, that program can go in to Navision Database directly and immedilately. This program can skip Navision password verify and directly go in to database like super user. so now, I don't need my password for ever.

  • Hi Alexander,

    Can you try on a copy of your database entering the 10? and check if it's giving same code to you as earlier and if you can login with new password(or code given by A/s) and confirm?

    Hi hf,

    Did you use C/FRONT for that or what?
    If you manage to get your hands on User Table in Navision Server the simple thing you need to do is to delete the password or delete all existing users and open again.

    Does it works? Anybody tried it.