Nav 2013 report layout and multilingual labels

Hello !

I'm encountering a small problem when I print a report (a sales invoice for example) containing what Visual Studio calls parameters (either Labels or captions coming from the Include Caption option).
Although the CaptionML property has values for FRA and ENU those fields are always printed in French if Nav RTC client language is French, regardless of the language code in Sales Header.

Is there a way to make ML work for parameters as it works for caption fields included in the dataset ?


  • I've the same problem!

    I set as usual (for past)

    CurrReport.LANGUAGE := Language.GetLanguageID("Language Code")

    with Language from table 8, and in RDLC I tried either with Language =User!Language than Language = empty

    I cannot believe we have to pass labels in dataset as I see in all standard Microsoft converted reports!



  • In reply to Emanuele Zecchin:


    The problem is only in NAV Documents.

    If you run only one document (invoice, ..) the lables are ok;

    But if you print multible documents with different labguage then it will not ok.

    Tha labels "are loaded" obne when running the report. In bettween a report the language (labels ) can not change!!!


  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV reports, starting from versions such as 2013, have multiple ways of storing captions and text constants to handle reports in multiple languages. There are certain types of reports which are printed cross-language.
    For Example : Multiple sales invoices can be printed in several languages, depending on the customer they are issued for , system picks up the language from the Language field of the Customer of Vendor Table. These reports usually contain code, which dynamically switches between languages during the runtime of the report as follows:CurrReport.LANGUAGE := <Language Code>