Mergetool for Dynamics NAV 2013 - performance issues?

I have been using Mergetool for many years. Don't really remember how many, but it was back to when it was included on the Navision tools cd.

Speed has never really been an issue, as long as it was in a native database. But the last year or so, even with a SQL Server database performance has been great.

Now I have installed the latest version MGT1.30.39 running on NAV 2013.

Importing goes fine, no complaints about performance here.

But when trying to use the compare function on reports then Mergetool almost stops. Right now it has been running compare of report 35 (NAV 2009/NAV 2013) for over 3 hours!

Unless I find out what's going on, then I have to stop using this version of Mergetool and downgrade to the NAV 2009. There is no information about this on the homepage.

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