Web Service Authentication Error

Hi Guys,

I am  trying to build a Web Site using ASP.NET, which call a NAV 2009 SP1 web Service and returns some data.

The application works fine when I run it via IE on my local system - the site is published in IIS , the NAV Server (web service ) and the SQL DB all reside on the my local system.

I have set the ASP.net web site to use Windows Authentication and the ASP.net code uses the ws.UseDefaultCredentials = true;

The problem occurs when I try accessing the web site from a different system on our LAN - we get a User ID or password is invalid error.  The UserID is present in the DB with SUPER role- works fine using RTC..

I am quite new to .NET so any help in the Web App config will be welcome - I am sure there is something very trivial/stupid  that I am missing [:)]


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  • Did you add the users in Windows Authentication setup of navision? Tools--.Security--.windows Authentication?

    The system that you are using for web services must allow you to access  windows authentication to NAV 2009 SP1 database.

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