adding language module on NAV 2009 SP1

Hi, all. Last days I've tried "Partner Translation Tool" for Navision 2009 SP1. I've done all the steps in the manual. But still our additional language wasn't appeared in the language tool of RTC. Also didn't appear any error message.

Does anyone have a video tutorial or manual with pictures of this tool ? Please, help me.

  • Language in NAV is a multi-level thing. You have the language in your application - this is translation of all field captions etc.These texts can be translated by most partners. But without the rest then it will still not work.

    And then you have the language of the clients (both classic and rtc). And with the three tier (RTC) you also need to set it up on the NAV service server. You find these files (for NAV 2009 SP1 only).

    Finally you need to get your license updated, as it needs to allow you to use the alternative language!

    Please let us know which part you have tried and which not.

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