Modifiying Existing Data in a table using XML Ports

Hello All,

Could you please help me in acheiving the task of  modifying the existing record while importing data using xml port and can i generate a new unique code for the new record if it doesn't exist. I tried using different triggers but didn't work, then i opted for temporary table where the data will be stored and tried to run the code which will do the verification and then act accordingly but this too didn't work as navision gets restarted whenever that piece of code is run for ex.

Created xml port - Employee having its details

created a form for selecting the path to import or export the files

the form contains a button that calls codeunit to further call import function, after importing I want to update the original table with the data imported in temp table (not defined temp using temporary = yes, in this case temp means not in use by any other application) but navision closes when i try to do this, but if i remove the updatealreadyexisting function it works fine.

could anyone please share some experience and give me some advice.


Thanks in advance.