Online Shopping Cart Recommendation for data integration with NAV?

Hi there -

The company I work for is using Nav 5 Sp1, native, and I have a general concept question on which I'm desperate for other's input, that is;


Getting orders from a website into Navision.


What is an efficient and inexpensive way to import data containing customer orders from a website's shopping cart?


-We intend a website to process credit card orders and to output a csv or xml file containing customer name, address, shipping address, product ordered, what they paid etc.

-Is importing customers and orders this way 'the done thing'?


The website will be built in a way that returning customers will be remembered (if they choose)

We have less than 20 products.

Order volume is between 20 and 40 orders a day.

The  'site will process customers credit cards.

Inventory levels do not need to feed back to the website.


I'd love to hear your input, be it a one liner, a pointer to a URL, or detail from personal experience.



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