Add fields to a table

Hi this is my first post.

I'm starting with Nav 2009, i have a developer license that allows me to rename fields but when i tried to add new fields to any table the following Message appears.

"Your program license does not allow you to create the [name] field into [table] table"

I dont undestand that because i got my license from Microsoft.




  • Rodrigo, welcome to forum!

    Don't know what is your knowledge level, but, if you got a developer license, I assume you must have passed respective certification exams - means you have had some training, too Big Smile

    So, you should know, that:

    1. not all Tables in Navision are editable even with Dev license.
    2. adding new field, pay attention to Field number - it must be >= 50'000

    and be careful with renaming existing Fields - this will lead to unpredictable consequences.

    This is quick answer - I understand you now are just playing with your license and possibilities which it allows. If you will have further on more concrete questions, DUG is the right place for them, but don't forget about doing some Search here - maybe your problem is already discussed here earlier.

    Good luck in your developer's career!

  • Hi Rodrigo,

    Also a welcome from me.

    Did you check if Modris suggestion helped you solve your problem. If it did, then please verify Modris reply. This way we know that he solved your problem and other people with the same problem as you will have easier to find the right solution.