Role Tailored Client 2009 and Time Zone Message

We have installed MBS-2009 CTP2 for development and have an issue with then RTC on Terminal Server. The SQL-Database, 3-Tier server and RTC clients are installed on different machines and work fine, accept for the RTC clients on terminal server. The message I receive is as follows:

"The time zone with ID 'West-Europ (standaardtijd)' was not recognized on the server. Update your computer's time zone defenitions.

I've checked and the timezones on all local machines, servers en terminal server is "GMT +1:00 Amsterdam, Berlin...

Has anyone, any suggestion were or what to look for.

Thanks for your reply

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  • Hi Michel van den Heijkant,


    i think your problem wil fixed if you check Server time zone then RTC's time4 zone. i think your server has another time zone and your client computer has another time zone. you must have same time zone. so this have message give you.