import fields to tables have data via dataport


I create a basic table which has 7 fields. "Document No." , "Code", "Description", "Date", "Quantity", "Income Quantity" and "Remaining Quantity". I designed a dataport and imported five fields ("Document No." , "Code", "Description", "Date", "Quantity"). I didn't import  "Income Quantity" and "Remaining Quantity".

Now i want to import these two fields seperately. I have tried to import but they have been imported as different records and other five fields are empty. For example:

Document No   Code   Description       Date                     Quantity       Inbound Quantity      Remaining Quantity

                                                                                                                          70                              30

                                                                                                                          67                               43

3                          A1         AA                    05.12.2008             100                         

4                          A2         AB                    06.12.2008             110

5                          A3          AC                   06.12.2008             150


firstly I imported  A1,A2,A3 and then I created another dataport and imported 70-30 and 67-43.

It must be imported this way :



How can I import that way?

Thanks in advance...