Add date formula 1M+25D+1M+10D = 1M+5D


Hey Experts,

I added three fields in my table Date1,Date2 and Date3 as a Datatype of DateFormula,and I given a value

Date1 is 10D+1M;

Date2  is 25D+1M;

in Date 3 am getting a value  10D+1M+25D+1M.

I need to display value 3M+5D, Is there any functions to do,

Expecting valuable sugesstion Experts

Thanks in Advance


  • Not that I am aware off. You need to program a function for that yourself, keeping in mind that there might be date formulas like -CM+1M+10D, which would give you the 10th of the following month no matter which actual date in the current month you are at. Or what about -CQ+1Q+1M+15D which would give you the 45 Days after the end of the current quarter?
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