Handling Many Languages in Microsoft Dynamics NAV

I'm currently managing a global implementation of Microsoft Dynamics. When our project is finished we might very well be in approx. 50 countries with our Core.

We are running our project after the single code version devise. That means that we are putting all localizations into one global code version (could be one database, but this has not been selected for performance reasons), which means a lot lower cost of maintenance. But this is not my question.

The issue is now that many of these countries now require that they get their own local language, i.e. Chinese (both Traditional and Simplified), Thai, Spanish and Portuguese.

We want to use the translations already provided by Microsoft where available and implement the language layers into the objects in Dynamics NAV.

The actual questions is: Should we integrate these language captions/texts into our development version, or should we do this after?

I've looked at the Mergetool from Per H. Mogensen (available in our download section). And this has a very fine support for language handling in it's latest version. But Per Mogensen's suggestion was to do this after our development version - on our ready  to release version only. My problem here is that I see that this would delay our releases with at least 3-4 days, as we need to test every release completely. The other option to have it directly in the development version, would mean that we should handle every language text update as a modification to our solution, just like any other modification.

Do you have knowledge of how to handle this? Or do you even have experience in doing this large scale? Then I would love to hear from you. Although I might like to pay you to do this for us (if you have the golden solution - we are actually planning to hire a localization and language/translation coordinator for a full time job), then I would like to hear your suggestions here for the benefit of all other users.

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