Time + Time


    I'm working with Nav 5 and need to sum Time + Time, but and error is displayed (can't sum Time + Time)...

How can I do it?, it's just 5:00 + 3:00 = 8:00, I can't believe it doesn't work !!


  • OK, so in fact it has nothing to do with adding up times, but adding up durations. I.e you want to know if oneperson worked 3 hours, and one person worked 5 hours, how many hours in total were worked.  In which case my formula works so what's the problem?

    But keep in mind that time is not really what you want, so when you say "I can't believe Navision can't do that" its not that Navision can't do it. its just that its just not possible what you want.


    Imagine a scenario for example where one person works 10 hours, one 8 hours and one 9 hours, that is a total of 27 hours of work, but if you represent it as time, then it will be 3:00AM not really indicative of what you are expecting.


    Point is that a time variable is the wrong way to represent this.


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