EDI with Lanham & Associates

We would like to know if anyone has experience using Lanham's EDI solution. Any feedback on estimating time to do document mapping would be appreciated. Also, quality of the program, ease of use, etc.
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  • We use Lanham's EDI.

    We use Sterling Commerce:Gentran Director to send & receive the docs. We import received docs right into navision and it creates a sales order. We can export ASN's & invoices.

    It was a bit confusing in the beginning but I can fly thru it now. There is no on-screen help. You can hit F1 all day - not happening. When I contact Lanham about somekind of book to explain what's what...they quickly send me an "Navision EDI Mapping Guide" (not sure why they didn't add it the on-screen help).

    After setting up your trading partners items it pretty much takes care of itself. Our partner needs to know what;s in which box , so we pack line scan and the ASN's are perfect. Like anything it requires a bit of set up, especially if you have many items, but It works and it works well.