EDI with Lanham & Associates

We would like to know if anyone has experience using Lanham's EDI solution. Any feedback on estimating time to do document mapping would be appreciated. Also, quality of the program, ease of use, etc.
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  • There is some additional things to consider:

    - NSC should have some experience, since EDI requires small remappings usually over time, Several of the large companies using EDI is changing formats (i.e. Walmart etc.) these days.
    - What type of documents is send back and forward
    - How complex is the EDI organisation trading with, i.e. number of outlets, number of item mappings needed etc.
    - Is it only simple documents or is there a need to setup ASN's and integrate it with the shipping workflow

    Lanham has quick support and know about EDI, we have implemented a Lanham EDI solution, and the Navision part of things seems to work well, with the ability to map inside Navision and the error handling of EDI documents.
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