Drop shipment

I create an SO with 10 items. I then create an PO (through Drop Shipment), which will have 10 items. Then I send a request (I print out the PO) to the vendor for these 10 items. The vendor says he can deliver 9 items.
So, I try to change quantity on the PO to 9, I can't do that because Navision says the line is connected to an SO.
If I try to change quantity on the SO I can't do that, the line is connected to an PO. Catch 22?

I know I can change the "quantity, to be deliverd "an things like that. But this will create a parital delivery.
I just want to change the quantity, period.
Does anyone have any ideas?

Best regards,
Thomas Jensen
  • I was having the same problem recently.

    The standard way (I was told by MBS Support) seems to be to delete the Purchase Order, change your quantity in the Sales Order, and then create another Drop Shipment.

    Since this is a bit of work, I made changes to the functionality. The client now inserts the changed Quantity in the "Qty. to Ship" field of the Purchase Order, and when he then posts the delivery of the Purchase Order, a function gets called, that updates the Quantity in the Purchase Order and the Sales Order.

    Hope this helps a bit.

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