Hotcopy parameter-set?

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I read some comments about HOTCOPY here. i didn't know it exists.
I dicoverd it here. I think its safer to use hotcopy than rather do a doscopy of the fdb-file....

But how do i use this hotcopy?[?]
What are the parameters that i can paste to hotcopy.exe?Cake
What does this parameters mean (like "CC" and others)?
What are the options of each parameters and what do the options mean (like dbtest= Min,Max,Normal) so what are the consequences of the options ?Stick out tongue
Where can i find some explenation or some manual? is it documented?
Must it be a "Database user" or a "Windows user" to log on, or just as localhost.
Do i use windows path like "\\winserver\pathx" or do i use netpaths like "X:\" (who goes to the same path)?
It seams that hotcopy.exe /help or hotcopy.exe /? does not work to get some information about this.[B)]

Thanks for any info about Hotcopy!
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  • All necessary information can be found on the "Installation & System Management: Microsoft Business Solutions–Navision Database Server" PDF-Manual (w1w1ism.pdf) located in the Doc folder of your Product-CD.

    If you don't have a Product-CD, you can download the Doc folder from:
  • Very easy to use :
    I create 2 files
    - Hotcopy.cmd contains that line
    ... Some commands
    hotcopy.exe source=hotcopy.ini
    ... other commands

    - Hotcopy.ini which contains
    [Backup files]
    email=your email
    servername=your serveur
    user=user database
    password=user database password
    osathentication=no (i don't want Windows authent.)

    Place thess files on the database server (where hotcopy resides)
    use Windows Task scheduler to execute it Daily.
  • Hello Everyone,

    Thanks very much for your help and your quick responce.Smile

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