Vendor Payments Report

I want to generate a month on month vendor payment report.

Can anyone guide me how to get this in NAV 2013 R2 ?

For Example our Company has 200 vendors and we make variable payment month on month. We need a report say Vendors under Rows and months (April to March) under columns which should display payments or provision made against the vendors.

  • HI,

    I would suggest to give it a try and then ask questions. Below are some ideas to start working -

    1. Look any standard again Report Like Customer - Summary Aging Simp.

    2. Hints -
    > You need to create header of months starting with Month provided by users and then increase it based on your aging requirement.
    > You need to calculate Payment based on Month that is appearing.
    > Use Array variables.
    > Loop Aging till it get completed.

    Give it a thought, try something and then ask, We all will be happy to help you.
  • In reply to Saurav Dhyani:


    Thanks for your reply.

    I posted the query not before worth trying. I am not supposed to waste anyone's time here and we are here to find answers for which we are unable to solve.

    Please make sure before giving such valuable suggestions.


    Prabhakaran M.
  • In reply to PrabhakaranM:

    Hi Prabakaran,
    I Think There maybe a Standard Report How to get By Columns But Anyway

    Can you try Using Matrix Table So that Rows Contain Vendors Name and Columns By Amount or Whatever fields You Need Fields.

    Now Coming to Business Group Column By Select Column --> Group Properties-->GroupExpressions --> Add-->

    Note :- If you Want to Find Monthly totals Spend by vendor Don't Forget to write exp like =Sum(Fields!OriginalAmtLCY_VendorLedgerEntry.Value).

    If you need any Further Help Let Me Know..

  • In reply to PrabhakaranM:

    Hey Prabhakaran,

    Thanks for the Great words.. & sorry to get you angry. 

    I guess this is what you are looking for -


    StartDate :=  040116D; //Month-Date-Year (My System)
    FOR I := 1 TO 12 DO BEGIN
      DisplayText[I] := FORMAT(StartDate,0,'<Month Text>'); //Give You Report Header
      CalcultationFilter[I] := FORMAT(StartDate) + '..' + FORMAT(CALCDATE('1M-1D',StartDate)); //Give you Filter for the Code That You Need
      StartDate := CALCDATE('1M',StartDate);

    Where - 

    StartDate - DataType (Date)

    I - DataType (Integer)

    DisplayText & CalcultationFilter - DataType (Text) and Dimensions = 12

    Here is what you get in RDLC -

    Let me know even if you want rest of the code.

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