Payment to be Receive Issue

Dear Sir


We created a page, where users input  

Payment Receivable ...........Users input (say 10000)

Payment Received-.....I want to fetch the received amount  from customer ledger entry or customer card.while passing the bank receipt voucher.(say 5000)

Payment to be receivable:(Payment Receivable-Payment Received)------should be display-----5000.

Manual when we entry the amounts it is calculating. But i do not know how to like payment received amount to customer card or customer ledger entry. Also i want to drill down on payment received when users click on the like the ledger should be open.

Where and how to create the like and sort the issues.

Please do the needful




  • Hi,

    Which version of Navision you are using ?

    May be while entering manually program may be validating but not during fetching check your program.

    For drilldown check on customer card how the balance field displayed and used

  • In reply to Amol:


    I am using Navision 2013 r2.

     I have checked  and found on customer table (18), field "Balance (LCY)". has some  "CalcFormula" which is not available my created table say 50002.




  • In reply to Nabin Sinha:

    Check that you will get an idea how to drilldown the entries.