Payment Journal Posting error


We established a procedure to refund money to a customer's account using the Payment Journal.  This process has worked well for over 2 years, but today we are getting an information message as follows:

It was not possible to post all of the journals.  The journals that were not successfully posted are now marked.

Has anyone else experienced this message?  How do I find the "marked" journals?


  • Welcome to DUG!!!

    Is this customized module ? Is anybody change some process or setup for this change ? 

    Kindly check the same.



  • In reply to Amol:

    this is not a customized module.

    We were able to resolve the issue.  In the end it was discovered to be a user issue.  They did not enter a Bal. Account No.!

    What is that they say about users :)


    Thanks for your time.