MS Dynamics NAV BREP

We are current at NAV5 SP1 and are so far so good at it is now.

MS has stopped the mainstream support in 2012, but the partner extended support stays till 2017.

As we are on annual BREP renewal, how does this impact if to stop the renewal with the intention not to upgrade.

Can the software still function ? 

Does this affect the user license in this case ?

Seeking for advice.




  • Lee

    Only impact is 'free' right to upgrade to latest version which means the new licences are provided free of charge but it will still cost do upgrade from v5 to whichever the latest version is. If you stop maintenance and then decide in a few years time to upgrade MS will backtrack maintenance fee.

    We are based in GB and we support (for a fee) all versions from 2 to 2016 whether or not you are in a renewal plan but then we are not a Dynamics Nav Solution Centre or Partner or whatever they are now called.

    Hope this helps.


  • In reply to Neil Fraser:

    Thanks Neil.

    If the decision is to stay with NAV 5 with no intention to upgrade, the BREP license can don't renew without affecting the current system processors and user logon.

    What we need is the consultant support if I understand you correctly.Smile






  • In reply to Lee:

    There IS an impact!

    If you stop the renewals, you will be left with the license you have at the moment of "stopping". It is eternal, you can go on using NAV forever, it will NOT expire, but you will not be able to get additional Objects (Forms,Tables,Reports etc) if you happen to need them for some customization.
    In other words, you can not add anything to your license without paying MS the backtrack fee. If you already have bought some spare Objects, then there is nothing to worry about, if not, you can do it BEFORE the renewal plan expires.


  • In reply to Modris Ivans:

    Got it.

    Thanks Modris and Neil.