convert time duration in decimal.

Hello Everyone,

please help me to get value on period start and period end time.

i have to get value like below format. 

00:00-12:59 as 00

03:00-03:59 as 03

19:00-19:59 as 19 

for 24 hour time period.


Thanks in advance.

  • Hi  Shyam,

       Can you be specific , i understood like you just need starting hour/ period  which can be  taken like 

    if your Time Format is HH-MM-SS then

    TimeInText := FORMAT(Time);

    then you just need Hours.



    OR  IF you are getting like HH-MM-SS-AM.


    Same above

    IF COPYSTR(TimeInText,10,2) = 'PM' THEN
      Hourtime += 12;//to add to your previous time as it pm eg: 6 + 12 = 18 pm


    So make some additional conditions so that you achieve your Requirements ,

    Let me know if helpedBig Smile

  • In reply to Raja Venkat:

    Dear Sir,

    Thank you for the help,

    Logic provided by you is working fine for me.we are copying first 2 values from time field.

    But in the case of 12:00:00-12:59:59 Am i want to display 00 in place of 12.

    For PM time period its perfect. so any suggestion for that?

    Kindly check the below output.


    12:00:00 AM-12:59:59 AM 12    >> Instead 00 Required

     1:00:00 AM- 1:59:59 AM 1

     3:00:00 AM- 3:59:59 AM 3

     4:00:00 AM- 4:59:59 AM 4

    11:00:00 AM-11:59:59 AM 11

    12:00:00 PM-12:59:59 PM 12

     1:00:00 PM- 1:59:59 PM 1

     2:00:00 PM- 2:59:59 PM 2

     5:00:00 PM- 5:59:59 PM 5

     6:00:00 PM- 6:59:59 PM 6

     7:00:00 PM- 7:59:59 PM 7

     8:00:00 PM- 8:59:59 PM 8

     9:00:00 PM- 9:59:59 PM 9

    10:00:00 PM-10:59:59 PM 10

    11:00:00 PM-11:59:59 PM 11

    Thanks again for the help.
  • In reply to shyam pandey:

    Hi Shyam, 


               I got it as   12PM is 12T , So you need 12 Am i.e 00T .So i think you definitely use/ compare for AM or PM from Above post of mine... i.e copy AM/Pm , Then why dont you compare it before taking further step as like


    IF (Hourtime = 12) AND (AM_PM = 'AM) Then

    Hourtime := 00T;

    If it is  NOT Helpful then Let me Know..Wink

  • In reply to Raja Venkat:

    right sir...But when i am trying to assign 12 in Hourtime getting type conversion error.

    can you tell me Hourtime datatype or i have to take another variable of time type.


  • In reply to shyam pandey:

    Hi Shyam ,


    Go Through This post below ...Big Smile


    Let me Know if you got your requirement...Wink


  • In reply to Raja Venkat:

    Thanks sir

    it works for me.