Posting date not within the range

Dear all,

when I was trying to post a prepayment on a purchase order an error occurs thus

"Posting date is not within your range of allowed posting dates in purchase Heading document type='order',No='CP0000178'."

Could anyone in the group axplain the reason behind this and also profer solution to this problem?


  • Kindly check the posting date allowed from and to in user setup for user as well as in General Ledger setup.

  • In reply to Amol:

    Thanks..... I have done that, is ok now

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    Dear all,

    When I was trying to post prepayment order an error occurs which states that "The VAT posting setup does not exist. Identification field and values: VAT Bus. Posting Group='LOCAL', VAT production posting group='"

    Could anyone help please

  • In reply to Lawal:

    Check the VAT posting setup.