I am using NAV 4.0 and have this issue:

My base currency is USD. I had raised an Invoice on an international customer in USD. This customer went ahead and paid me the full and final payment in one go, but in EURO. And both these entries have already been posted in NAV. How do I now apply the money received against the Invoice, since both the currencies are different?


Thanks... Sharad

  • You can do this in two ways.

    1) Create a temp. line where you manually apply the open entry, by first EUR -> USD - temp. G/L account. Then temp. G/L account to customer.

    2) Use the S&R setup field: "Appln. between Currencies" - with this then you can apply directly to the customer account.

    Next time you better find out which currency your invoice should be in, and change that within NAV, so that it can be "born" with EUR. Smile

  • as i see there was a solution found for your issue following

    did you try that solution or what in detail did you change?

  • In reply to archer, MVP:


    Have you tried what suggest in this post  as this is same questions raised by you in the following post.