Nav 4.0 resources

I'm looking for good resource materials on Nav 4.0. Can anyone point me in the correct direction? I know it is going to cost so if possible I would love a bare bones, but good version and if you can afford it here is the top end version of resources. If there is a middle ground that would be spectacular.

It is hard to find the resources because Nav 4.0 IS so far behind. I also don't want to order something only to find out it was a total waste of money.

Thank you for any input you have to offer.

  • Hi again,

    Yes, Navision 4.0 is no supported anymore an has not been for some years now. So yes old documentation can be a bit hard to find. But luckily the forums are full of old 4.0 questions and answers. So must likely someone else already asked that question. You can also find a lot of resources in the documentations section here on DUG. And if you are looking for something in particular, that you can't find, then please just ask our members.

    When you look for answers, then even if a question is for different version, then most areas have not been changed that much, from the users point of view fra the early NAV Windows versions to the last classic versions (NAV 2009). And you can normally always see on a post which version the question is about. Either directly in the question (something a lot of members forget) or on the tag, under the post. Navision 4.0 would be tagged as "NAV 4.0" or "NAV 4.0 SP3" or just "Navision 4.0".

    Also remember, that if you have the system installed, then you can also get a lot of help, by studying the online documentation (press F1 from where within NAV you want help).


  • In reply to Erik P. Ernst:


    I have the full set of .PDF files for ver.4 (aka manuals, but NOT exactly - Navision has never had them in fact). Haven't looked at them for ages, maybe there are duplicates or something irrelevant, sort it out yourself :)

    I'll upload them here in Documentation section, it will take some time (unpacked size ~300Mb). When it's done, I'll update this same post with direct link.

    Promised link: Navision ver.4 documentation


  • follow for documentation about nav 4.0. documentations about nav 5 and nav 2009 will also be helpful for you.