I am New to Navision system

I work as Navision support trainee in a company and the company uses nav 5.0. What is the best way to start with Navision and How can i learn the navision things quickly and do i need to know accountin concepts to get started with navision  buti have good knowledeg in computing.

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    I am quite new to nav am gona start soon as a nav trainee assistant with a company.Can any one tel me what knowledge or qualifications do i need to learn nav completely?I have only basic user knowledge of computer like using internet,basic navigation using MS word etc.how long will it take me to learn/.please help

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    Hi Umar,

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    Start reading the MS Navision Manuals,Practice more the sample database and understand the business processes.



  • It would be good for you to know the basics of accounting. as far as Microsoft is concerned, they have certifications. 

    in NAV, a negative amount is a credit to a G/L account and a positive amount is a debit to a G/L account. if you have any accounting questions, you can always ask me. Smile 

    just so people know: 


    • assets and expenses are increased by a debit (or positive) amount.
    • liabilities and equity are increased by a credit (or negative) amount.
    • contra-asset accounts (for example, accumulated depreciation or allowance for bad debts) are increased by a credit (or negative) amount.
    • and the reverse to do the decrease.


    Also, compliments of Peter Muscat on slideshare.net, you might be able to find some training slides that could be helpful.

    Here is where Microsoft's certification info is found:



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    thanks amol....I read manuals and practice.do i need to have an indepth business study too as I am not much into business.

    i understand the simple buy/sale/[profit/lose thing but  havent studied business.will that be a problem?

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    Hey Umar,

    It is always good to have business process knowledge to build the logic using technical skill which  can make you different from technical consultant.

    I would recommend to have business process knowledge 

    All the BestSmile


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    I am a junior engineer, and I am engaged in a project of microsoft dynamics nav 2013, is there someone can send me a link I can download a demo version of nav just to get an idea of the manipulation, and i want some document to understand how can i develop at this ERP.thank you in advance :)

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    For demo version you can look into  this site following section



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    thanks v much tiger gold.ur reply to my post was realy helpful.I have started reading a book '' accounting for non accountants''.

    as I had said Im not into accounting much but I really want to learn msoft dynamics nav.which part of accounting do u think I should focus on that help me with getting on with navision easily.Also can u should suggest any other readings or website that will help me understand the basic accouting.

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    I just started to learn too! Microsoft have some very good Informational videos and courses at the Microsoft Virtual Academy.