report generation

hai one and all,

i am generating a report in navision,

it consits of fields of  budgetline item,approved budget,cumilative prior,this prior,cumilative to date,unspent,%.

i am using g/l account table

in budgetline item-source expression is (budgeted amount)

approved budget,-source expression is (actual)

cumilative prior-source expression is (actual)

this prior,-source expression is (actual)

i am getting actual(amount) in cumilative prior and this prior,

but my requirement is that i need to get total fields for this cumilative and this prior(i have taken footer for this and given source expression as actual),even though i am not getting the total field in footer i showing 0.00 in total field ..

is there is any property we have to set for this report.

i am attaching the report what i have generated.