how can we show one form values into another form

hi every one,

i have two forms like accountability and approval form.while iam entering the data into accountability form when i click submit function it will goes to the approval form..but i have 3 field ref no,quater,and description..these fields does not existing data.

i set the table relation for the forms even though the values are not getting..plz give me reply 

  • What are the tables behind those forms?

    Are they same or different?

    If different, How are you inserting data from accountability table to approval table?

    using TRANSFERFIELDS and assigning via code?

  • In reply to Mohana:

    Different tables like accountability has general line table and approval has approval line table..but some common fields is present inthat form..some fields like line no,document no,amount values are inserting while clicking submit into accountbaility form..Remaining rf no,ref decsription,quater does not have values.

    in the function button i can use this transfer code??

  • In reply to pressi:

    If some fields are flowing means there must be code written with TRANSFERFIELDS or assigning..

    Please check what code is written..

    If transferfields is used then you must have same field ID and data type in both tables..

  • In reply to Mohana:

    ya the 2 fields has same id in the two tables..i added one field in the approval line table so can i add in the field in the gen.journal table.where can i write the codein that field validate trigger??

    can u suggest me that code


  • In reply to pressi:

    Check the code under submit button first.

    How the field values are flowing to approval table..

  • In reply to Mohana:

    it has one codeunit like workflowmanagement in that insertapprovingline function is there in that fileds are assigning .when we r submitting it will go to linedistribution buffer.

  • In reply to pressi:

    Yhen you need to add code to assign new field values also..

  • In reply to Mohana:

    k thank u

  • In reply to pressi:

    hi mohana i added the field in codeunit..2 fields are flowing into other field was not flowing..that field is option field..i added this field in temporary i can write code for option string??

    ..i wrote for the two fields like this

      TempLineDistBuffer."Receipt Ref. No." := GenJnlLine."Receipt Ref. No.";
      TempLineDistBuffer."Receipt Description" := GenJnlLine."Receipt Description";
      TempLineDistBuffer.Quater := GenJnlLine.Quater;//this one was not gng to another form..plz suggest me

  • In reply to pressi:

    I think values from TempLineDistBuffer table will be inserting into final please check that place also..

  • In reply to Mohana:

    I checked that one also..but  this option string field is not effecting.

  • In reply to pressi:

    Try to print the value in above code using


    check what is the result..

  • In reply to Mohana:

    Only displaying what i selected in the option does not affecting on the other form

  • In reply to pressi:

    Did you check also in TempLineDistBuffer.Quater field..after assigning the values.

    Are you sure you have added the code in assigning values frpm TempLineDistBuffer.Quater  table to end table?

  • In reply to Mohana:

    I checked that one