Functionality of limited user in NAV 2013

Hi all,

Not sure if I am posting this in the right forum so mods please move if appropriate. My question is what functionality does the limited user have in NAV 2013. Where can I find information about this?

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    Hi Magnus,

    Check out page 6 and appendix A in Dynamics ERP Perpetual Licensing Guide.

    For Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013:

    • “Read” access to data contained in the ERP solution through any client accessing the application via the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Application Programming Interface (API) including but not limited to the User Interface Web Services for Microsoft Dynamics NAV
    • Write access via the Timesheet functionality
    • Write access through any client accessing the ERP solution via the Microsoft Dynamics NAV API to a maximum of 3 table objects in any range number with the following exceptions:
      • limited users are not allowed to write to any of the following tables: General Ledger (table 17), Permission Set (table number 2000000004), Permission (table number 2000000005) or Access Control (table number 2000000053); and
      • any table described in Appendix A as “Limited User Included Tables” do not count towards the 3 table objects.

    Appendix A includes:

    51    User Time Register
    97    Comment Line
    309    No. Series Line
    337    Reservation Entry
    355    Dimension Ledger Entry
    356    Journal Line Dimension
    357    Document Dimension
    358    Production Document Dimension
    359    Posted Document Dimension
    361    G/L Budget Dimension
    389    Service Contract Dimension
    405    Change Log Entry
    480    Dimension Set Entry
    481    Dimension Set Tree Node
    952    Time Sheet Detail
    953    Time Sheet Comment Line
    5050    Contact
    5051    Contact Alt. Address
    5052    Contact Alt. Addr. Date Range
    5054    Contact Business Relation
    5061    Rlshp. Mgt. Comment Line
    5062    Attachment
    5065    Interaction Log Entry
    5072    Campaign Entry
    5075    Logged Segment
    5078    Segment History
    5080    To-do
    5106    Document Dimension Archive
    5107    Sales Header Archive
    5108    Sales Line Archive
    5109    Purchase Header Archive
    5110    Purchase Line Archive
    5123    Inter. Log Entry Comment Line
    5125    Purch. Comment Line Archive
    5126    Sales Comment Line
    5151    Integration Record
    5199    Attendee
    5648    FA Allocation Dimension
    5766    Warehouse Activity Header
    5772    Registered Whse. Activity Hdr.
    5773    Registered Whse. Activity Line
    6550    Whse. Item Tracking Line
    7135    Item Budget Dimension
    7312    Warehouse Entry
    7313    Warehouse Register
    7318    Posted Whse. Receipt Header
    7319    Posted Whse. Receipt Line
    7320    Warehouse Shipment Header
    7321    Warehouse Shipment Line
    7322    Posted Whse. Shipment Header
    7323    Posted Whse. Shipment Line
    7324    Whse. Put-away Request
    7325    Whse. Pick Request
    7354    Bin
    2000000067    User Default Style Sheet
    2000000068    Record Link
    2000000073    User Personalization
    2000000075    User Metadata
    2000000080    Page Data Personalization

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    Hi Erik,

    thank you for your detailed explanation. But I can not find in NAV 2013 setup where (or how) to specity 3 tables in which I want to allow write data.

    Do you have any experience with it?



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    Hi All,

    May I please know, whether the Limited user table restriction getting applied in 2013, or it will get applicable on next version ?

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    In the current NAV 2013 the restrictions are actually not technically applied. So here it's based upon a trust between the customer and the partner who sells the license and Microsoft. Technically it is not being enforced!

    I have not yet tested this functionality  in NAV 2013 R2, but will post an update when I get the chance.

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    Hi Erik.

    I have tested a Limited User (with role SUPER) in NAV2013R2, and apparently the Limited User works as limited user!
    I've tried to Release, Ship and Post a sales order but and i  could not (every time the same message: You do not have the following permissions on TableData XXXXXXXXX: Modify).

    Did you try it in NAV2013 r2?

    I hope you comments about it.

    Best regards

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    Hi Guillermo Aguerrevengoa 

    I tried to create a new sales order using limited user access, but I am not being able to create new sales order as it is giving me permission error for inserting in No. series LIne, Means I am not being able to create anything like -sales orders ,purchase orders ,customers,employees or not even able to edit them. and user is limited with super permission ....can you please help how to get rid of this........????