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Hello Team,

I want to analyze Balance Sheet and IS and other related Financial and project analysis like sales analysis, Budget Analysis in Business Analysis-NAV Dynamics, but whenever I want to generate report getting incorrect data while comparing with COA BS and IS , any relevant link which will guide me step by step process in Business Analysis using financial tools, I tried alot , desperately need the help, will be glad.


  • Are you using Business Analytics of Navision ?


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    Yes Amol..but now am able to generate report but any idea how to make layout of page or creating another row line in that report , once the report is already pulled , actually the BS/IS report which is generated covering whole page, so always I need to scroll to check each field, any idea how to make layout including adding another row ,so that will able to see the whole report at one glance. Please help me if you have any idea on this.

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      Try BI4Dynamice. trial download from our company use it now. very powerful.